It may seem like nothing has been happening at South Shore over the last year but there has actually been a lot going on behind the scenes. The big vision for this space is to create a “destination location” for people to live, work, and play. This means a combination of homes, boutique style shopping, youth sports, as well as other adult and youth activities. There have been numerous conversations with various community organizations, businesses, and non-profits that have interest in being a part of this project and after much time and careful consideration, the plan is coming together.

A developer has been identified and is currently working on an overall site plan. Approximately 50% of the property will be used for homes while a local youth center will have some land for additional youth programs and sports activities.

There is still a large portion of land that has development opportunities and we are interested in finding the right partners who wish to establish a new business or move their existing business to South Shore Village. If you have any interest in having a business at South Shore Village, please let us know and someone will reach out to you.

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