Welcome to South Shore Village-old

Where Families & Friends Come Together

Imagine a neighborhood designed with the community in mind. A village style community where families and friends can gather together and where "live, work, and play" becomes a lifestyle.

South Shore Village is a vision created in collaboration with a large number of people in the Syracuse community who want to see something great in our area. A place where families can live within walking distance for after school activities and youth sports, shopping, dining, or even join others for an outdoor movie night or a chat by the fire pit.

Currently, one of the the biggest needs in our area is for new housing. With 300 to 500 new jobs expected to open up in the next one to two years, housing is in huge demand. About half of the property at South Shore Village will be developed for housing.

Youth programs in the Syracuse community are also growing and many have outgrown their current facilities. A new youth center and athletic fields will be a large part of the community plan at South Shore Village so kids have a place to go and can walk to and from activities.

A village-style atmosphere to retail shopping will also make up a portion of South Shore Village and there are lots of opportunities for local businesses to be involved. Our team has a strong background in business incubation as well as e-commerce and looking for the right businesses who want to be a part of the vision.

The final element, the lifestyle activities, are the the glue that holds everything together at South Shore Village. Whether it's meeting friends for a good meal at the clubhouse, enjoying live music on the porch, walking on the trails, playing volleyball, bocce, corn hole, or mini-golf, there will always be something fun to do at South Shore Village.

We are excited to announce that Boondocks "The Home of Peterson's Fish" will be coming to South Shore Village this spring. The entire staff shares the vision and is excited to serve and support the community.

There are already a number of events planned for this spring and summer and we encourage you to check back to the website often to stay up to date on additional event.

Click here to view the press release of Boondocks at South Shore Village.