It’s time to build at South Shore Village. The new destination for locals to live, shop, and play.

We are currently seeking developers for single-family homes, multi-family homes, and mixed use retail shops / apartments on 35 to 80 acres of land.

Download the Reports

Site Map – Version 1

Initial design created by MKM Architecture & Design. This design provides an overview of what is possible for the entire space.

PDF Password: developer

Soil Samples

Download the full report of the soil samples taken on January 2021. (76 pages)

Environmental Site Assessment

Download the 399 page report created in Dec. 2020.


Download Site Surveys

Site Survey #1

Site Survey #2

Site Survey #3

Site Survey #4

Site Survey #5

Site Survey #6

Connect with us by calling:

​Jeff Dyson  (260) 894-2788

​Nathan Scherer  (574) 457-4937