Boondocks "Home of Peterson's Fish"

Family Owned and Operated! Specializing in bringing the community together for Great Food and Drinks!

The Story

Boondocks "The Home of Peterson's Fish" is elated to announce the new partnership with South Shore Village to become the first venue at the upcoming property/development.

“After meeting with Jeff Dyson and Nate Scherer it was immediately clear that we all have one main driven goal in mind. We all want to put the community at the center of all we do!” said Travis Davidson, owner of Boondocks.

When the Davidson Family purchased Peterson's Fish in January of 2021, the primary goal wasn’t to be “just be another dining option”, but rather, a fun and friendly meeting place. With this partnership, Boondocks can now service both dining and bar customers in a relaxed environment. “We want anyone that visits our establishment to feel comfortable and get the dining experience they deserve.”

“Whether you enjoy our normal dining experience, a more intimate bar experience, or an outdoor dining experience, this new facility will allow us to serve you! Along with all the great dining options, we now get to be of service to the community in our fully functional outdoor pavilion.” Davidson said. “We couldn't be more excited for the future of our family, our community, South Shore Village and Boondocks!”

According to Dyson, “Boondocks is the perfect fit for the new restaurant at South Shore Village. The staff are amazing and make you feel welcome when you walk in the door. We’re excited to see all the upcoming events and activities Boondocks has planned for this spring and summer.”

The sky's the limit in providing adult, child, and family friendly events at South Shore Village. Already planned for this upcoming spring and summer are concerts, fundraisers, and vehicle-meets with many more activities to come.




South Shore Village is a rural development that will require support and involvement from those who are as passionate about the property as we are and want to help make the vision a reality.  There are numerous ways you can get involved including real estate investment, venture capital, angel funding, seed funding, mentorship, board membership, support services and more.  Please reach out to us if you are interested.

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