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The concept of South Shore Village was created by Nathan Scherer (left) and Jeff Dyson (right) to be a master planned community where live, work, and play becomes a lifestyle.

Their vision is to create an entire community throughout the 112-acre property that includes housing, youth activities and sports, boutique-style retail shopping and fun things to do. “We are looking to create an atmosphere where families and friends can gather and enjoy life together,” Dyson said. “Whether it’s bocce ball, cornhole, pickleball, mini-golf, or enjoying live music on the patio by the fire pit, there’s always going to be something fun to do.”

“This community will be transformational for Syracuse,” said Scherer. “In addition to the need for more housing, we have a unique opportunity to bring all the elements that are important for a community to thrive, and have those elements in close proximity to each other.”

The two purchased the golf course portion of the property Oct. 7, 2021 following up on their purchase of the clubhouse and restaurant from the previous year. They are in the process of completing an overall site plan with an architect.

South Shore Village will have 50 acres of single-family housing, athletic fields and a youth program building on 20 acres. The remaining land will be reserved for retail shops and further development. “We’ve had some great conversations with people in the community about what they’d like to see at South Shore Village,” Dyson said. “While we have the vision of what it could be, we are looking for the right partners to join us and help us make this a reality.”

“The clubhouse is going to be the social hub of the property,” said Scherer, “and we’re looking for the right partner to take over the management or ownership of that key business.” The clubhouse is an 8,800 square-foot building with a restaurant, bar, and seating for 200, and will be renovated to include an outdoor stage and outdoor seating. The two are also looking to speak with people interested in starting a business or moving their business to South Shore Village.

Construction is expected to begin in the spring/summer of 2023.

Scherer and Dyson formed South Shore Ventures LLC, last year when they began working on this project. Scherer grew up in Syracuse, graduated from Wawasee High School in 1998, Purdue University in 2002 and after a year living in Columbus, Ohio, returned to Syracuse in 2004. His first job was at South Shore and he has many fond memories of this property. Dyson moved from Orlando, Fla., to Ligonier in 2004 and then to Syracuse in 2010. They both have children in the Wawasee Community School Corporation.

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South Shore Village is a rural development that will require support and involvement from those who are as passionate about the property as we are and want to help make the vision a reality.  There are numerous ways you can get involved including real estate investment, venture capital, angel funding, seed funding, mentorship, board membership, support services and more.  Please reach out to us if you are interested.

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